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Usernames, old and new

2014-03-31 04:09:44 by Dark-Heart

So, I don't know if I'm gonna start using this site more or not. Probably not. I always plan to, and then don't. Anyway, though, this post is to note the usernames I've gone by, or currently go by. For example, I don't use Dark-Heart anymore. This one's frickin' old as hell. My current username for most websites is either Lucidity or LuminousGuard. For a period of time, I went by Arkanite, but that's gone to the wayside now. I also still occasionally use Aguymandude or Khorlament. Mostly for video games. Lucidity and LuminousGuard are what I use, for the Voice Acting Alliance, for example, among other things.

Now that I've logged that, I'm...pretty well done with this post.


2012-07-17 01:19:29 by Dark-Heart